Holding it together – Wirelok Wire Joiners

The Wirelok brand name has been a part of the farming and rural sector of New Zealand for as long as one can remember.

The Wirelok wire joiner is a small device that’s a big help when it comes to holding a fence together.

This is a unique joiner designed for galvanised and zinc aluminium alloy coated high tensile 2.3mm to 2.8mm wire and can be used for stock fences, deer compounds, grape trainers, orchard espaliers, garden fences – anywhere you need to join or restrain 2.3mm to 2.8mm wire quickly, reliably and economically.

The product was designed in New Zealand by a Kiwi who understood what was needed to handle all the variations of climate, from Stewart Island to the Spit.

Over the years the product has changed very little and all components are made by New Zealand manufacturers, pieced together by New Zealanders, keeping the product to a very high standard. Wirelok uses the best materials, stainless steel springs, high tensile zinc coated jaws and a durable zinc body.

The Wirelok team are proud of their product, which has stood the test of time, unlike imported copies.

All Wirelok products are guaranteed.

Wirelok Joiners have many uses: